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Specifically designed to properly draft high temperature applications, the High Temperature System (HTS) consists of the CB-FH mechanical draft fan and the Multi Use Controller (MUC). With a temperature rating of 1,000℉ continuous, the HTS can handle the high flue temperatures associated with a wood- or gas-burning pizza ovens, kilns and industrial stoves. The use of mechanical draft ensures that the appliance’s chimney does not become a supply duct for the exhaust or ventilation systems. Utilizing patent pending technology, the VICx or MUC takes advantage of the high efficiency synchronous motor to control the draft on the appliance. The controller can determine if the motor has failed and activates a visual and audible signal in case of fan failure as required by NFPA 211 and the International Mechanical Code

Chimneys serving gas and wood burning fireplaces
The housing and dynamically balanced backward inclined or backward curved impeller are available in 430 stainless steel or 316L stainless steel

MUC Controls

UL Listed Type B vent gas fireplaces
Wood or gas fired fireplaces
A NEMA 1 enclosure is constructed of ABS Plastic

V200 Constant Pressure Control

V200 – Constant Pressure Control

Mechanical draft systems serving all types of chimneys and gas vents, up to 4 appliances with more available
Supply air for fossil-fuel fired heating appliances
General make-up air
A NEMA 1 housing constructed of mild steel powder coated to prevent corrosion