CDS – Connector Draft System

The Connector Draft System (CDS) maintains the required pressure (negative or positive) at the individual appliance connector. Designed with EC-Flow TechnologyTM, the CDS takes advantage of the US Draft Co bi- directional pressure transducer and proprietary PID technology to rapidly respond to varying pressures at the appliance on Category I, II, III & IV as well as building heating appliance systems. Utilizing a single blade damper (SBD) or opposed blade damper (OBD), pressure transducer and the all-new VDC controller, the system interlocks with the fossil fuel fired heating appliance to maintain the required outlet pressure of the manufacturer. It also serves to protect the boiler from flue gas recirculation when used in a common vent system. The CDS meets all requirements for the National & International Fuel Gas Codes and the Uniform & International Mechanical Codes.