US Draft Co. was incorporated in June 2007 to provide web-based chimney design software for industry giants such as Selkirk Corp. and others. With over 25 years of experience, our founders merged extensive knowledge of national standards, engineering concepts, and programming skills to design state-of-the-art software for these manufacturing leaders. While working with their clients over the years, our founders recognized numerous problems with natural draft and realized that there were several voids in the mechanical draft and draft control marketplace. Determined to standardize the use of mechanical draft due to its safety and performance benefits, US Draft Co. filed its first patents in 2007 for several of their designs including the TRV and T9F power venters with Truline™ fan construction and the extremely high temperature CB-FH chimney fan. To further enhance their portfolio of products, US Draft Co. introduced EC-Flow™ technology, bringing high performance motors to the light commercial and commercial chimney and venting industry. In addition, US Draft Co. maintains a strong tie to American ingenuity and integrity; the products are proudly made in Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A.

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